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Circular Economy Specialist F.E.C 2023, Uusimaa

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Circular Economy Specialist F.E.C 2023, Uusimaa

Circular Economy Specialist F.E.C – Further Educated with Companies training is an effective way to find a path back to employment or a new career. It is an opportunity to show your skills and potential in working life. The aim of the education is to find employment in the partner company at the end of the work period.

This education is aimed at people having a degree who are either unemployed or at risk of unemployment who have a strong interest in developing their own competence. An applicable educational background is, for example, technical, natural, environmental, social sciences or in economics. Competence corresponding to education acquired from working life may also be sufficient for participation.

The aim of this programme is to support jobseekers’ career development and employment. The programme is organised in cooperation with the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and the TE Office. The training is free of charge for students. Students are not paid wages for the duration of their studies, but they are entitled to unemployment benefits.

The training is intended for both international and Finnish-speaking professionals. The training days will be conducted in English, and the work language will be either Finnish or English depending on the partner company.


The training lasts about six months (120 working days). At the core of the training is on-the-job learning, which takes place in the partner organisation (approximately 100 days). In addition, the training includes lessons carried out by Sykli (approximately 20 days). In the training, you get to show your own skills by implementing e.g. a project, project, or development task. 

The training consists of the following topics, among others:

  • Climate change and biodiversity crisis today  
  • Introduction to Sustainability and EU/International policy 
  • Technical Cycle in Circular Economy and Biological Cycle in Circular Economy 
  • Bioenergy  
  • Insights to energy transition – effects to business economics  
  • Recycling Processes for Materials  
  • Material Efficiency, Material Flow Analysis and Life Cycle Thinking  
  • Product Design in Circular Economy 
  • Introduction to Carbon footprint calculation and Life Cycle calculation  
  • Disclosure and verification of ESG-information – essential in value creation, required by the customers and the capital market in the future  
  • Sustainable Social Development, diversity and inclusivity  
  • Sustainability in a company 
  • Occupational safety card (certificate)  
  • Job seeking and career development , working life in Finland 

The training days of Sykli are mainly held on-site in Pasila, but the training also includes distance learning and independent study. Participation in training days is mandatory.


• The job search at the TE Office must be valid. The TE Office checks that the applicant can participate in the programme and pre-selects based on the applications.

• Sykli interviews the applicants approved by the TE Office and the search for a partner organisation can begin. To get a place in programme, the applicant must find a suitable partner organisation. Sykli markets the training to potential partner organizations. In addition, we encourage applicants to actively search for a partner organisation from the very beginning.

• The partner organisations interview the applicants and make the decision whether to start cooperation.

• When a partner organisation is found, the student place will be confirmed and on-the-job learning can begin on 13.10.2023.

The application process has two phases!

1. The application period opens on 18.8.2023. Apply latest 15.10.2022 via the TE Office’s website The easiest search terms are either the URA code for this programme ”715699” or ”Sykli”.

2. Send your application also to Sykli through the LAURA recruitment system. Attach your CV and the reasons why you are applying for the programme from this link.

The programme begins on 31.10.2023 and the work periods can be staggered starting from 13.10.2023, depending on when the placement is found. This programme has 20 places, which will be filled in the order in which the placements are found. So act fast!

The information session will be held on Teams on 5.9.2023 at 10.00. You can join it from this link.

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