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Shape It GREEN – an international online course on circular economy for companies

The Shape It GREEN project was focused on raising companies’ awareness of the circular economy and the green transition. There are several different levels of education related to starting a business, but it would be important for those interested to know what should be taken into account in order for the company to operate at a sustainable and circular economy level.

The project solved this challenge by developing a modern, digital online course module, “Shape it GREEN”, to help new and existing entrepreneurs move their business in a more sustainable direction.

The online course includes five themes:

  1. The circular economy in general
  2. Consumption
  3. Production
  4. Waste
  5. Circular economy business models, innovations, investments

The target groups of the project were:

  • New entrepreneurs who are planning to start their own business
  • Business students and lecturers
  • Current entrepreneurs and business leaders

The online course was implemented as an international collaboration involving the following organizations in addition to the Sykli: ArtSmart (Latvia), LT-Entrepreneurship institute ENTRI (Lithuania)

Project period: 09/2021–01/2023

More information:
Riku Mustonen
+35850 3212 913