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SYKLI Environmental College Oy adheres to the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679 EU) and related laws and regulations. Ensuring data protection is part of the responsible operations and risk management of SYKLI Environmental College Oy. These principles guide our actions at a general level on how we implement data protection. In our operations, we aim to ensure the realisation of the rights of our students, staff, and customers, securing data according to both data protection regulations and other laws. In implementing data protection, special attention is given to data security, ensuring unauthorised access to personal information is prevented, and information is not misused. More detailed information can be found in the register descriptions published by SYKLI Environmental College Oy.

Register Descriptions

SYKLI Environmental College Oy maintains a description of the processing activities it is responsible for, as required by law and regulations. The register description of processing activities is an internal document of the organisation.


The data controller is SYKLI Environmental College Oy, for which the personal data is collected for the intended purpose. The data subjects are provided with the legally required or otherwise necessary information about the processing of personal data when collecting information, and when possible, through other means, such as our website.

In addition, SYKLI Environmental College Oy provides internal guidelines on data protection issues as needed.

Data Acquisition and Processing

The registration of personal data is based on the individual’s consent, or another legal basis defined by law. Personal data is processed only for a justified purpose and only to the extent and as long as necessary for the purpose. The use of data is described in register descriptions, which can be found at The accuracy of the data used is sought to be ensured, and information is updated from the individual themselves or from reliable sources. When the data is no longer necessary for its intended purpose, it is properly destroyed.

Data protection is considered in agreements between partners and service providers. SYKLI Environmental College Oy ensures the training of its personnel in accordance with the requirements of the data protection regulation. The Data Protection Officer of SYKLI Environmental College Oy assists in matters related to the data protection regulation.

The information is used for the purposes described when collecting the data, within the limits permitted by current legislation. Information is disclosed only on explicitly stated or legally mentioned grounds and to explicitly stated or legally mentioned recipients. Some personal data is stored outside the EU, outside the location country (Finland) of the data controller, only when necessary. There is no transfer of personal data outside the EU as described in the data protection regulation.

Rights of the Data Subject

The data subject has the right to request access to their personal data from the data controller, and the right to request correction or deletion of such data or restriction of processing, as well as the right to object to processing. The right to deletion does not extend to personal data processed by SYKLI Environmental College Oy based on a statutory task, for the public interest, or for other retention obligations.


SYKLI Environmental College Oy oversees compliance with data protection legislation in its operations by conducting internal supervision, guidance, and counseling. SYKLI Environmental College Oy provides guidelines for necessary technical and organisational measures in various functions.

Each staff member is responsible for the implementation of data protection in their own tasks and within their own scope.

Data Protection Supervisory Authority

The Data Protection Ombudsman is an authority that guides, advises, and supervises the processing of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. The Data Protection Ombudsman exercises decision-making authority in matters of the realisation of the right of inspection and correction of information and provides decisions on the legality of the register and the realisation of the rights of data subjects.

Additional Information

SYKLI Environmental College Oy

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