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Sykli educational programs: shaping a sustainable future

Quality, environmental, and safety management training

Sykli provides a vocational qualification study program in quality, environmental, and safety management, catering to professionals, supervisors, and managers. This program enhances expertise in sustainable development management, offering practical knowledge, peer discussions, and support for organisational improvement initiatives. Additionally, Sykli offers custom interactive workshops in these fields, tailored to client needs.

Resource efficiency training

Understanding the economic and environmental importance of resource efficiency, Sykli offers a Special Vocational Qualification in the Environmental Sector, focusing on resource efficiency. Suitable for both working professionals and job seekers, this program includes courses like “Expert in Climate Change” and “Expert in Low-Carbon Operations,” emphasising practical skills such as carbon footprint calculation.

Low-carbon education programs

To support Finland’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2035, Sykli offers comprehensive low-carbon education programs. These include a longer specialist qualification and short-term training for educational staff, focusing on practical low-carbon skills. The ‘Low-Carbon Expert’ program is a highlight, offering advanced education and development projects, leading to a Special Qualification in the Environmental Sector.

Water supply training

As Finland’s leading degree trainer in water supply, Sykli’s extensive training covers water acquisition, purification, wastewater treatment, and network management. The programs range from degree courses like Professional and Specialist Vocational Qualifications in Environmental Studies to specialised training such as water work card training and emergency disinfection training, aimed at various professionals in the sector.

Logistics training

Since 2009, Sykli has been providing competency training for truck and bus drivers, complying with the professional competence directive. Offering both on-site and online courses, the training caters to drivers, transport operators, and logistics personnel. Sykli also facilitates custom training for transport companies, with flexible scheduling including weekends, to ensure drivers meet professional standards efficiently.

Environmental and sustainability education

With over a decade of experience, Sykli excels in providing environmental and sustainability education, primarily for educators and trainers. The training, which extends to cultural and youth work professionals, is customisable and collaborates with researchers for continuous improvement. Sykli’s commitment is to deliver impactful and high-quality training, reinforcing environmental and sustainability expertise across various sectors.