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Sykli’s strategy

Sykli knows. Sykli works. Sykli impacts.

The goal is well-being within the limits of the planet.

Sykli impacts all fields.

Our mission is to make sustainability the way of operation for every professional.
• Cycle’s change agents operate as part of a broad competence network.
• Multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary experts are familiar with the latest developments in their field and ensure high-quality services.

Sykli works for the planet.

We clarify research data and political decisions into practical actions and demand more ambitious practices to secure a sustainable future.
• Cycle promotes biodiversity, climate wisdom, and living within the planet’s limits for the sake of nature and future generations.
• Practical sustainability solutions promote the adoption of renewable practices for businesses and individuals.

Sykli walks on its hands.

We develop our own practices, reducing our footprint and increasing our handprint.

Sykli’s future-capable organisational culture generates trust, meaning, and well-being. Improving our own operations is based on knowledge and expertise, and it is sustainable and continuous. The strategy is implemented in our actions – together.