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SYKLI – Sustainable skills

SYKLI Environmental College is a national specialist vocational college. Our mission is to reinforce environmental knowledge and improve our customers’ operations in line with sustainable development objectives.

SYKLI offers adults preparatory training, short training courses, consultation, and other expert services. Our core competence lies in applying the latest knowledge in practice and in bringing the benefits to our customers. We are known as a pioneer in sustainable working life development. We understand the needs of our clients and tailor our training to the needs of individuals and corporate customers.

We are actively involved in development, implementing national and international projects. These projects help us to develop new tools, products, business models, and competences, in cooperation with our partners. We utilize and apply the results of projects in our training courses. We have extensive experience in both national and international project work: we have acted as coordinator or partner in a number of development projects.

We provide training and development services throughout Finland and internationally. We utilise a broad network of partners to implement our training and services.

At SYKLI we offer:

  • consultation
  • development projects
  • further and continuing education for adults
  • short training courses
  • upper secondary VET & competence-based qualifications
  • Further Educated with Companies (F.E.C): targeted at persons in transition (i.e. facing unemployment or currently unemployed) and thus looking for new job opportunities
  • other expert services

Within the fields of:

  • information, tools & skilled professionals for developing activities
  • environmental entrepreneurship, project management & managerial work
  • permits and qualifications
  • Waste, environment, and water management and infrastructure
  • quality, environmental, safety & risk management
  • education, training & communication
  • transports & logistics
  • energy-efficient construction and buildings & property maintenance

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